Thanks for visiting our site! We are all so excited to finally make the ordering process easier on everyone. We are adding new items to this site each and every day, in hopes to make your experience with us as simple as it can be. For now, our most popular items are available online through this site. If you are interested in anything that you do not see listed here, PLEASE email us at because the most important thing for us is fulfilling your monogram needs.  Below is a "How To" on how to fill out an order form. We encourage you to read it to ensure we have all the information we need to get your order to you as quickly as possible. 



  1. First we ask for the monogramee's full name. This is the most important part! We want to make sure your monogram is made the correct way, please give us your full name in the order of First // Middle // Last.
  2. Next we ask for your name. This is in case you go by something other than your full name, or if this order is a gift for someone else. We also ask for you phone & email address. This is important so that we are able to contact you when it comes time to deliver and pay for your monogram.
  3. Pick a color and size! Pretty simple :)
  4. List your ideal thread color. We have just about every color thread in the world, and if we dont have it that means we need it!! Email us at with any questions. Feel free to send us a picture of the color thread you want! We just want you to get the perfect monogram :)
  5. Pick a monogram font. To the left are the monogram fonts that we currently use. If there is a monogram font that you want but is not listed here please email us at! We want to have as wide of a selection as possible!
  6. Let us know how you heard about us. Let us know the name of the person that told you about us,or the way you found out about our business :)